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About Bernedoodles

About Bernadoodles: Available Pets


A Bernedoodle is a mix between A Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. Bernadoodles have amazing personality they are loving, sweet, and are hard working.


A Bernedoodle can have straight, wavy, or a curly coat. Most Bernedoodles have a wavy coat that is (low to non shedding). If you want your new Fury baby to have a healthy, shiny, coat i would recommend you to brush your Bernedoodle two to three times a week to help prevent tangles. 


Our Bernedoodles weigh around 35-45 lbs


 Bernedoodles are perfect family pets they are  a nice mellow breed and love children. Bernedoodles are goofy, charming and social and have amazing personality 

About Bernadoodles: About Us
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