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Breeding Plans

❤️Upcoming 2024 litters❤️

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Aussie Mountain Doodle Puppies


Bailey & Bear

Bailey and Bear have welcomed 8 beautiful Aussie mountain doodle puppies into this world- 3 girls & 5 boys. Click here to see them! We do have 2 spots available for their litter! Contact us here if your interested in being on this reservation list. They had gorgeous Blue Merle Tris & Black Tricolor puppies (with blue eyes). They will weigh around 25-35lbs full grown and have soft fleece coats (non-shedding). Bailey is such a cuddle bug and is so sweet. Bear is playful and outgoing. These puppies will have wonderful temperaments. 

Puppies were born: January 18th 2024

Go home: March 14th 2024


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Bernedoodle Puppies


Raya & Bear

Raya has been confirmed pregnant!! Raya and Bear will have beautiful Blue Merle, Black Tricolor, Red bicolor, and Black parti colored puppies with blue eyes. Puppies will have amazing personalities and have gorgeous coats soft fleece coats.  Puppies should mature between 35-45lbs full grown. Raya is such a sweet and happy girl. Bear is sweet, playful, and outgoing. We are so excited to see what they have! This litter is currently open!! Spot #2 is available on this litter, contact us here if you are interested in being on this reservation list for one of their gorgeous Bernedoodle puppies.

Puppies will be born: February 2024

Go home: April 2024

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Upcoming Litters: Text

Labradoodle Puppies


Lucy & Gus

Lucy and Gus's puppies will come in a rainbow of colors and patterns! We will have caramels and chocolate in both tuxedos and solids (some with and without white markings). These puppies will have amazing, sweet, outgoing temperaments. Puppies should mature around 25-35lbs full grown and have beautiful soft fleece coats (non-shedding). Lucy is such a calm, happy, and loving girl and Gus has such a sweet, laid back temperament. We are so exited to see these sweet babies! 

Approximate due date: April 2024

Upcoming Litters: Available Pets
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