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About Australian Mountain Doodles

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The Australian Mountain Doodle is a mix between the Australian Shepard and the Bernedoodle. You can also breed a Australian Mountain Doodle with a Bernedoodle and get Australian Mountain Doodle puppies. With the Australian Mountain Doodle you get the best of all three breeds! The smarts of the Australian Shepherd, the sweet, mellow temperament of the Bernese Mountain Dog, plus the allergy friendly coats and the good sense of humor of the Poodle!


Australian Mountain Doodles can have a straight, wavy, or curly coat depending on the generation and parents used. The curlier the less it will shed. The straighter the more it will shed. Most Australian Mountain Doodles have the wavy hair coat that is low to no shed hair type. Most people with allergies are ok with this hair type. They will require daily brushing and grooming. Our Australian Mountain Doodles are (Low to non-shedding)


Our one-of-a-kind Australian Mountain Doodles come in a variety of colors. We focus mainly on Blue Merle and Black Tri. We also do have many more other colors. Merle Australian Mountain Doodles are either Blue Merle or Red Merle and have White on their face, chest, and legs with copper on their cheeks, legs, chest, and above the eyes. Australian Mountain Doodles can have Blue, Green, or Brown eyes, even a mixture of these


Our Mini Australian Mountain Doodles generally weigh around 25-35lbs at maturity. Females tend to be a bit smaller than males.


With parents like the Australian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle, Australian Mountain Doodles are not just intelligent, they are among the smartest of all dog breeds. 

These family favorites are friendly, affectionate and extremely loyal. They want nothing more than to be your best friend and to stay by your side all day long. Australian Mountain Doodles are easy to love, and easier to care for. They are also great with strangers and other pets.


The Australian Mountain Doodle is a loyal, mellow breed. Australian Mountain Doodles make great service, Therapy, and family dogs. The Australian Mountain Doodles are a social breed who will need daily exercise and training with rewards. Australian Mountain Doodles love to hike, go take trips to the park, and LOVE water. They will also walk or run right beside you in your morning or evening walks or runs.

About Australian Mtn Doodle: About Us
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