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Do doodles shed?

Our Doodles are generally low-non shedding. F1Bs, F2Bs, and Multigens will shed less (if any) because they have more generations with poodle in them.

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What is the difference between the F1, F2, and multi-gen?

An F1 Doodle puppy is two different purebred parent dogs.

Example: A purebred Bernese Mountain dog x a purebred Poodle would make an F1 Bernedoodle

*50/50 cross*

An F1B Doodle puppy is a result of an F1 Doodle parent and a purebred Poodle.

Example: An F1 Bernedoodle x a purebred Poodle would make an F1B Bernedoodle

*75/25 cross*

An F2 Doodle puppy is a result of an F1 Doodle and an F1 Doodle. 

Example: An F1 Bernedoodle x an F1 Bernedoodle would make an F2 Bernedoodle

*50/50 cross*

An F2B Doodle puppy is the result of an F1 Doodle parent and an F1B Doodle parent. 

Example: An F1 Bernedoodle x an F1B Bernedoodle would make an F2B Bernedoodle

*75/25 cross*

A Multi-Gen Doodle puppy is the result of an F1B or higher gen parent and an F1B or higher gen parent. 

Example: An F2 Bernedoodle x an F1B Bernedoodle would make a Multi-Gen Bernedoodle

*cross percentage depending  on generations*

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Where are you located/what if I'm out of state?

We are located in California. We offer hand delivery flight nanny all throughout the U.S. starting at $500-$800+ (depending on location). Our flight nannies bring your puppy on the plane in a carry-on bag (being cared for the entire time) and will meet you at your nearest airport. We currently only offer delivery within the U.S. You can also drive/fly in for pick-up day if you are able to.

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Do you sell adult/retired dogs?

We do sometimes have retired dogs looking for forever homes because the ones living with us once they are done breeding and are retired, they are usually looking for forever homes so we can also make space for some new upcoming moms and dads. But usually, we have our guardian families who look over them as puppies and when they are adults so once they are retired, they will stay happily with their forever guardian families. Learn more about our Guardian home program (HERE)

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Do doodles color change?

It can be common for a Doodle’s colors to lighten or darken or even stay the same color. We try our best to produce the most solid and firm colors possible, but health and temperament will always come first. Our Doodles could turn green and we wouldn’t love them any less!

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Are your dogs health tested?

YES, all of our dogs are health tested. The health of our sires and dams are our main priority in our breeding program.

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Do Doodles enjoy hiking or being outdoors?

 All of our Doodles in joy simple walks or jogs around the block, exploring hiking trails and some enjoy swimming in pools. Our Doodles (no matter the size) can tolerate hiking although it is recommended to never push your dog past his/her limit.

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What if I need to move my deposit to another litter?

Deposits are non-refundable but they are transferrable. We understand life happens and things come up that are not planned. We can transfer your deposit to the next litter or a different litter until you find the perfect new fur baby.

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When are the puppies ready to go home?

Puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks old

Before your puppy goes home you will have to make the final purchase. Go on page Payments (HERE) to get all the info you need.

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Can I meet my puppy?

When puppies turn six weeks old that is when you come for picking day and you pick your puppy! Then pick up day is when puppies turn eight weeks old, and you come pick up your new puppy that you have selected during picking day.

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How often will i get upated photos of my puppy?

We will send you individual pictures and videos of the puppies every week.

You can also follow us on Instagram @furrytaildoodles for daily pictures and videos.

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Will my puppies come vet checked

Yes! All of our puppies get vet checked before they go home, and they will go home with their first set of vaccinations.

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